Painting & Power Washing 

Interior Painting Service 


Curley Contracting painting division has been servicing Greenwich since 1976. Although we do receive painting jobs through out the Tri-State area we mainly concentrate our skills in Fairfield County. Interior painting includes everything from removing your furniture and placing it in storage if necessary to providing drop clothes. We provide complete interiors to small touch up jobs. 

Our painting process includes complete repair and preparation, sanding, speckling, chalking, priming and finish coats. We also provide decorative and faux painting and staining. Our jobs include both residential and commercial.

Exterior Painting Service 

At Curley Contracting we pride ourselves on full preparation before we begin to paint your home or commercial building. Preparation is paramount! We will remove all shutters, leaders and house ornaments - everything - and then we will power wash if necessary before we scrape, sand, and repair. Finally we will prime and paint or apply two coats stain. Your yard will remain completely clean through out this process and when the painting is done all shutters, leaders or anything else will be installed back on your home.

We also provide commercial exterior painting with very much the same process. With our commercial projects we often have to adjust our work schedules to retail work day. Our employees are accustomed to working before store/library hours and on weekends. It's important not to disrupt your business while updating and maintaining your business' home.

Power Washing/Pressure Washing 

The most effective way to "clean up" the exterior of a building or a deck is with pressure washing, also referred to power washing. Remove moss, mold, grit and just plain dirt with power washing. Often power washing can make a building look brand new without an entire new paint job.

Interior Painting Services Include:

  • Bedroom Painting
  • Bathroom Painting
  • Living Room Painting
  • Kitchen Painting
  • Basement Painting 
  • Attic Painting 
  • Dining Room Painting 

We can pressure wash: 

  • Home Exteriors 
  • Sidewalks 
  • Wood Decks
  • Driveways 
  • Wood/Vinyl Fence 
  • Pool Decks 
  • Brick Paver Patios