Bathroom Remodeling 

Curley Contracting is fully capable of providing professional bathroom design, assistance in tile and marble shopping, working with you to select your bath tub, toilets, faucets, hardware and lighting even before we begin to build your new bathroom. Master Bathrooms are wonderful spaces where you can truly unwind from the stresses of the day. We have built Master Bathrooms with stone steam showers, separate jacuzzi tubs, bidets and much more. Our Bathroom Designer on staff has extensive experience with all tile, be it ceramic, porcelain, mosaic, glass, tumbled stone, glazed or matte. We can create a luscious bathroom with any budget. We also provide marble and granite vanity tops, floors, and design accents for your tile design.

Choosing your bathroom fixtures can be a daunting task! There are so many selections. We will work with you to make even the simplest (which are often the hardest) decisions. Let's take shower heads for instance, easy enough right? Well we have installed everything from Rain Showerheads to Mastershower 3-way invigorating hand showers, The same is true with bathroom sinks. Long are the days that there were no choices! We have shown clients pedestal sinks, Glass Vessel Sinks, Twirled under counter sinks, Tableau wall-mounted sinks and even Wading Pool sinks.

Showers and Tubs are always a major consideration with Bathroom design. We encourage our clients to really think about how they use their bathroom time. Consider installing a steam unit in your shower. Extra bodysprays can really make you feel pampered. Bathtubs are now whirlpools! Experience BubbleMassage, Whirlpools and Baths, Chromatherapy, Backjets and Neckjets. The possibilities are endless and much more do-able than one may think!

Lighting is so important in a bathroom. Overhead lighting above the sink area, mirror sconces to provide extra light, dimmers on your lights to create mood.

Think about heating your floor. There is nothing more comforting than entering your bathroom on a cold winter morning and having your foot step onto a heated stone or tile floor. It's a very reasonable, simple but not often thought of solution for your bathroom needs.

Whether you are updating that hall bathroom and powder room or completely creating a new master Bathroom, Curley Contracting can provide professional and creative service.

Kitchen Remodeling 

Curley Contracting is fully capable of kitchen renovation of any scale. We will completely update your kitchen simply by suppling new cabinet doors, new appliances and a paint job to give your kitchen a make over. Or we can give you a brand new kitchen from soup to nuts! We have a kitchen designer on staff who will work with you to create the kitchen of your dreams. Kitchen cabinets may be chosen among some of the best suppliers such as Medallion, Ultra Kraft, Kraft Maid and Plain 'n Fancy. We can also provide custom desgned and built cabinets, built-in bookshelves, desks and work stations.

Our kitchen designer will help you select your personal counter top, whether marble and granite, Corian or Formica. We will also provide design help with your floor and backsplash. Lighting is so important in the kitchen and we will design the most efficient light design possible. Under cabinet light, task lighting and overall light for the entire room.

There are so many crucial decisions to be made with so many selections. Let us first help you select the best cabinet, appliances, floors, counters for your new kitchen and watch as we combine professional craftsmanship with creative solutions to give you the dream kitchen you have always wanted.

We have built custom kitchen with unique cabinets and cabinet doors. We provide Old World Craftsmanship while keeping function and how you actually use the space in mind. Curley Contracting will work with the wood of your choice and build to accommodate full layover, partial layover of inset doors. Our door styles include Traditional, Contemporary, Mitered, and Applied Molding Door Designs. All styles come in solid raised panel, solid wood or veneered flat panel. Great accent accessories that we use to add flair and charm are mullions, louvered, lattice, curved doors, face frames with insert doors and layers of molding.